Welcome to My Nightmare

Welcome to My Nightmare My name is Shadow. Half-elf of Lothlorien. Downworlder. Collegium Bard. Ravenclaw. Torchwood Agent. French Revolutionary. House Targaryen. Avid RPer. 412 years young. Music is my life. I can usually be found with a camera in my hand (or around my neck). Expect randomness, and lots of it.

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Our mental synchronization can have but one explanation…
Elsa and Anna Parallels

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this video 


this man 


that voice 



It took me have a dozen times pressing play to even make it through the video. And even then, I had to play it on mute because I just could not stand it all at once. 

Fucking hell.

Why did I press play?! I knew I wasn’t ready for that damned!

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I guess we're gonna have to get used to people dying down here.

But not you.

You hear me?

You're not allowed to die. 

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[for rachel]

oh look at that, i’ve been impaled

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Jasper on 1x01

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Thank you, thank you.

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